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Streamline removes the burden of bookkeeping and provides monthly tax-ready financial reports.


Streamline removes the burden of bookkeeping and provides monthly tax-ready financial reports.


Bookkeeping services for small businesses.

Feel comfortable knowing your bookkeeping is up-to-date

Get the information you need to maximize your success

Protect against fraud


“It was a relief to find Jeff after working with a couple of bookkeepers that weren’t giving us proper attention. Jeff is kind, relaxed, and such a pleasure to work with. Finally since the business started we have accurate financial statements. Jeff has also helped us make decisions about purchasing a car, hiring independent contractors vs employees. He has definitely saved us money and we appreciate him being part of our team! Highly recommended!”

– Rebekah Rice, General Manager of Regional Pathology

“Your professionalism, paitence, and understanding have been incredible, especially given just how difficult and exhausting I’ve found it to launch and maintain a start-up firm. I can’t say enough positive about you to others, and serve a very effusive reference.”

– John Newsome, CEO of Public Equity Group

“ I was looking for more than just a data entry bookkeeper. I needed categories, financial analysis, and understanding of my business. Jeff got us set up and organized – cleaning up the prior year and also going forward. We’re glad that we don’t have to worry about our accounting any more!”

– Mark Ristich, Partner at Snap Judgment

“Working with Streamline has been great. Numbers are not my strong suit and Jeff took the time to explain everything to me. Also filing taxes was easy this year. Since I had been seeing the statements monthly, there were no surprises, and my CPA was pleased with the formatting. Thanks Jeff”

– Paul Shaver, Owner of PSArt

Love working with Streamline Bookkeeping. Jeff Kohn is competent, confident, and trustworthy and he has cultivated a great staff. His warmth, friendship and range of skills make the weighty work of bookkeeping a pleasure to deal with. He’s got his work down to a system and makes it easy to understand.

I’m thankful Jeff is in the business and heartily recommend him.

Eric Shaw, Owner of Prasana Yoga

As a tax preparer I have seen first hand the high quality work that Streamline provides to its clients. Having well organized financial statements is definitely a time and money saver during tax time. Jeff and his staff are knowledgeable and very easy to communicate with and I would recommend their services wholeheartedly.

Ryan Van Valer, Owner of David Stone & Associates